Kinesiology is a powerful modality that directly accesses the causes of stress, allowing an understanding of specifically what's needed for healing and transformation across the many layers of you. Kinesiology uses muscle testing biofeedback through your nervous system to access your subconscious, energetic, emotional & spiritual layers.

Kinesiology allows access to your subconscious and all that it holds about you, thus giving access to everything from your experience! It can work on specific areas for you, or be a more holistic approach to expand your spiritual growth.

By transcending you transform

Kinesiology works on healing vibration. Everything is vibration; you operate within a vibrational field; the body you have is a vibrational processing system. Humans are essentially energy beings!

Low vibration - such as fear based thoughts, limiting belief systems, negative emotions - is what keeps your vibration down. As you heal old vibration you release stagnant energy that’s been held as stress. Energetic stress such as subconscious programming, outdated patterns, limiting belief systems can be uncovered, healing your energy. This allows your vibration to evolve to higher levels.

Kinesiology is used for energy balancing across many different aspects of life. When you are in balance, your energy flows at optimum levels. Clear whatever is relevant to you, running in your energy fields.

Healing Kinesiology Sessions:

- access your energy fields to clear and release energetic stress

- heal subconscious programming, releasing of patterns

- connect chakras, auric fields and higher energy

- connect with higher guidance

- receive wisdom for higher levels of awareness

- raise your vibration


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