Healing Kinesiology brings vibrational alignment

Through kinesiology, connect to your innate body wisdom, your subconscious/unconscious and energetic fields to uncover and balance stress, and receive guidance through it. Access your subconscious and all that it holds about you - such as subconscious programming, negative beliefs, thought patterns, sabotages and emotional stress. Biofeedback via muscle testing indicates where this stress is held across the many layers of you - physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual. The stress is balanced and restored to a more optimal level. In this way healing of your vibration occurs.

When all parts of you - subconscious & conscious - are aligned, you raise your vibration. When you are in harmonious flow, your energy fields support you. When your vibration level is high the path to higher levels can be accessed, allowing you to awaken and evolve your self awareness.

Kinesiology will meet you wherever you are!

Kinesiology will meet you wherever you are, to connect the unique you. It can help you to expand your spiritual awareness, receive clarity on your true self, align you with your purpose, intuition, higher self, and raise your consciousness.

As I have worked with people on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels I have seen how someone can be disempowered when they live from a place that's not in alignment with their 'self'. 

I have found my purpose here - to assist you to heal and release subconscious programming, conditioned thoughts & beliefs - low vibration held as energetic stress; to work with your own energy to evolve and expand your consciousness. To align you to the uniqueness of you!

To get in-depth insight into your story it’s helpful to ascertain information on what’s connected behind the stress held by your energy/body, for your conscious awareness. Comprehensive questioning forms my kinesiology session with my wide range of experience and training with the physical body, food & nutrition, plus hypnotherapy and two streams of kinesiology. In this way a session is a form of counselling, giving you an objective picture of what went on, why stress was started and what is the core of the issue that is ready to be released. If your body is going to give you insight and specific advice on what to do, what to look at for the future, or any assistance needed, to get detailed information you need to be able to question your energy properly.

It’s a collaboration between you, your energy and how I can best assist you to gain awareness, release stress and expand your spiritual growth.

Work with me if you're ready to release outdated vibration, expand self awareness, evolve your spiritual growth. I’m about giving you a session with practical results, clarity around your issues, increased awareness, in an easy to understand and down to earth approach.

Everything is energy!

A Healing Kinesiology session works on:

subconscious programming - thoughts, fears, beliefs  
releasing low vibration
increasing your spiritual growth
clearing your energy fields to evolve your vibration

Some delightful side effects of a session include:

feeling lighter and more empowered
increased self love
connecting to your higher guidance
raising your consciousness

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