What is kinesiology?

Combining the Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians, physiology, plus energy and vibrational modalities, it’s a non-invasive and powerful approach to energy healing. Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring as a biofeedback technique which directly accesses the causes of stress. It's power is to neutralise stress from the core of our being, and as a tool to create what we require for healing and transformation.

How does remote healing work?

All is energy and we are all connected! I connect to your energy and use muscle testing as a ‘surrogate’ for you and your issues. By accessing a biofeedback response through muscle testing, the source of stress can be identified. In the same way, the body communicates what is needed for it to regain balance. This stress can reveal physical/mental/emotional/spiritual/energetic blocks no matter where they are in your energy fields.

As your vibration is changed through the energy session, you resonate with the new frequency. Your energy and vibration is unique to you and no other, so wherever you are, the vibrational change achieved will integrate into your energy fields.

About me

Having worked in the corporate field for years, I then added massage, nutrition, food coaching, teaching massage, kinesiology, hypnotherapy and colour therapy.  In 12 years working with kinesiology, I have found it is a powerful tool to work with vibrational energy.  I’m about giving you a session with practical results, clarity around your issues, increased awareness, in an easy to understand & down to earth approach.

How do I work?

I tap into your energy and access the stress that’s ready to be released, working on your issues. You will gain awareness on the stress balanced, and see what your energy has released. I also connect with your higher energies for the session - any aspect of your higher spiritual guides can enter, indicated through muscle testing - your spirit, soul, higher self, or spirit guides can give messages and practical guidance on what you need.

The sessions have become a truly illuminating experience, when you receive clarity and gain insight into what is coming for you, it allows you to focus on what you need right now to move forward.

How to book a Skype session

Use the automated calendar to schedule a skype session in your time zone. Complete the PayPal link to secure your booking.
We first discuss what you are wanting to work on. Make a list of issues you'd like to look at!  I tap into your energy to see what it says is a priority to be released and balanced. Your higher energies will be invited to the session for any guidance and advice.


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Cancellation Policy 

There are no refunds after paying and booking, though date changes can be made. Cancellations need to be made minimum 1 hour before the session appointment time, with no refunds given. 

Any questions, please send me a message via the Contact page.

Privacy Policy

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