Privacy Policy

I ask you to email or enough information for me to perform a remote session for you and this includes your first name, age in years.  Anything else you want to tell me about your situation benefits the questioning I can use in the session and a holistic understanding of your issue to be worked on.  Everything shared is kept private between you and I.

This information is collected via email and/or facebook message if you contact me that way. I do not collect or use cookies and if my website provider or any other third party provider does then they should provide you with their privacy policy.

I take payment by PayPal and the information you use for that payment system will also come to me via that transaction, which I keep private as part of my emails and transactions are recorded for my tax purposes only.

I keep your information as part of my email/messaging history and it will never be shared with anyone else outside of my service to you. I delete this information every 2 years.  If you request by email or facebook message that the information you provide me and your details be deleted before this time it will be done immediately.

You can opt in via the website form for permission to be contacted, otherwise the only contact with you would be a session follow up. If you do not wish to be contacted at any time, you can reply to that email or send a request that your details be deleted. 

If any updates to this information are changed they will be reflected here and you will be notified.

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