Having worked in the corporate field , I then added massage, nutrition, food coaching, teaching, hypnotherapy and two streams of kinesiology.  In over 10 years working with kinesiology, I have found it is a powerful method for vibrational healing. 

Remote or distant sessions with kinesiology is an holistic energetic session working on clearing and balancing energetic stress.  Healing your vibration of this outdated energy allows you more alignment with your energy flow. Many times you’ll receive guidance from your higher self as to what you need to work with.

I’m about giving you a session with practical results, clarity around your issues, increased awareness, in an easy to understand and down to earth approach.  I work in collaboration with your energy, which directs the session.

I work with clients world wide! Sessions are currently offered online - use the online booking link.


Questions?  Send me a message below.

Healing Kinesiology

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Please note: A kinesiology session does not diagnose, it tests for energy imbalances and balances energy. Results are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and there is no responsibility or liability for any actions taken by you as a client after the appointment. Your health is your responsibility with any advice you seek from the practitioners you choose to partner with. Reliance on any information provided here by your own free will. 

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