The auric field is a network of connected energy layers that are the blueprints for your physical body, your emotions, your awareness, your relationships, and your spiritual development. Parts of the auric field layers - called planes - relate to the physical/emotional/mental/spiritual aspects of life. The fields connect to the chakras and all work together in an interrelated energy matrix. The pathways need to be communicating without conflict for their respective functions, managing our physical body through to higher layers from which you start to awaken a new reality and are important to expanding consciousness.

Stress and trauma trapped within your energy fields causes blocks. When you have a block in one level it can transfer to the consciousness of the other levels, which affects your expression of life across many layers. Through clearing energetic stress from the layers of the auric fields you raise your vibration. 

Use kinesiology to access and release low vibration within and between all of the fields to allow higher vibration to flow.

From a higher point of vibration and awareness, you realise your true potential and higher purpose. This is the stepping stone from which you ascend to higher levels of expansion. This is where you begin to have a spiritual experience of life in the physical body you incarnated in. Ascend to a beautiful vibration where you feel your place here, connected to the truth of your being. Where you have alignment of energy fields, a deep understanding of your purpose and life, you feel connected to your divine essence. Your self expansion is opened through your heart centre where you realise a higher self awareness and feel deep gratitude for it. You operate from a universal mind and a higher consciousness.

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