he level of work i am here to do is to deal with the 7 (8 including physical body) light bodies/auric fields, to clear and awaken consciousness - the next levels of ascension from divine gateway and up and not my purpose

From an energetic perspective we are made up of energy layers, each has it’s own vibration, processing different types of energetic information. Each of these layers interconnects with the others to work as a complete system.

The seven main and the higher chakras are connected into these layers and act as gateways for energy from the fields. These works together in a matrix.

The layers filter everything from physical functions, emotions, mental processing, to experiencing higher levels of knowingness, and an understanding of identity as part of your connection to the collective. The auric field is both a receiver and a transmitter of information. Each field represents a level of consciousness, as do the chakras.

Clearing the auric fields’ layers raises your vibration and connects you to a higher awareness. Expand your level of consciousness and awaken understanding of your purpose.

Colour is a sevenfold system and so too is the body.

The seven centres of the chakra axis thus relate very closely to the locations of the endocrine glands,

Colours have their own frequency

Green harmonises and balances the whole being

Violet balances the pineal gland

orchid - alignment of energy fields

Lavender - awakens consciousnesses
Magenta - Bathe the whole aura in magenta to lift the vibrations

Soul Spirit Color
Color Pale Turquoise PALE TURQUOISE is a SOUL SPIRIT color that is the bridge from outside of ourselves to the inside, knocks on the door to the soul, opens inward to our connection with Spirit, our soul and our personality. PALE TURQUOISE takes us from focusing on our external lives and reveals to us that we have an inner life, a life just as mysterious and rich with discovery and potential as our outer life.

PALE TURQUOISE is the more intense form of TURQUOISE resonates at the Higher Heart Chakra located at the thymus gland. More...

This is the element of AIR.

Soul Spirit Color
Color Light Green
LIGHT GREEN is a SOUL SPIRIT color that arouses a heightened awareness of our finer nature, our pure goodness, generosity, attuning to our goodness on the outside. LIGHT GREEN takes us deeper within ourselves showing us the perfection and light that we have always been and always will be. We discover that we are fine just the way we are!

LIGHT GREEN is the more intense form of GREEN, which resonates at the Heart Chakra. More...

This is the element of Earth.

Color Deep Magenta DEEP MAGENTA stirs our soul. It is an invitation to look at the shadow side of ourselves. It is the shadow/dark side of ourselves that exists within us, but which we refuse to see. It represents the unconscious and subconscious within us. It is where the light does not seem to exist, but in fact, light does exist in the dark. We just don't see it. Question: How would we recognize the dark without the light? DEEP MAGENTA lives in the void, the bardo state between death and life.

DEEP MAGENTA is a more intense form of MAGENTA, which resonates at the Transpersonal or Soul Star Chakra. More...

Soul Spirit Color
Color Crimson Maroon Deep Red Wine CRIMSON/WINE/DEEP RED/MAROON is a SOUL SPIRIT color  that is pure humanity, resonating your inner program, the crystallization of the inner self, attuning to the goodness on the inside, our inner sense of purpose. CRIMSON/WINE/DEEP RED/MAROON shows us the holographic nature of all life, that we are a piece of the cloth of Creation and therefore all life everywhere is made of the same stuff. CRIMSON/WINE/DEEP RED/MAROON is the color of the Earth Star Chakra below the feet, where we deeply connect and are grounded deep into the Earth. It is where Mother Gaia feeds us life force energy.

CRIMSON/WINE/DEEP RED/MAROON is a more intense form of RED, which resonates at the Root or Base Chakra. WINE/DEEP RED/MAROON helps to keep one's boundaries by protecting one from psychic and physical attack. More...

This is the element of Fire.

Soul Spirit Color
Color Rose Peach ROSE PEACH/CORAL is a SOUL SPIRIT color that is Spirit resonating within each of us. It is our angelic quality, the loving clear space within, our Spirit pure. ROSE PEACH/CORAL is the freedom and flight of our inner spirit, attuning with Source and meeting the Light. ROSE PEACH/CORAL reminds us that the only thing that is important is just to BE who we are and that that is enough. ROSE PEACH/CORAL resonates at the Sacral and Transpersonal or Soul Star Chakras. More...

This is the element of Water.

Color Gold GOLD is the the ancient wisdom lying deep within the soul, an eternal seed planted eons ago, ready in this new age to sprout once again and usher forth the knowledge of the ancients. GOLD resonates at the Naval, Crown and the higher Chakras above the Crown. More... ROSE
Color Pink Rose
ROSE/PINK is softness, gentleness, motherly unconditional love. It represents self-acceptance, self-love, self-forgiveness and non-judgment. It can also denote romantic love. ROSE/PINK is the happiness and joy from loving and being loved. ROSE/PINK resonates at the Root or Base and Heart Chakras. More...

magenta lavender orchid sky moss ✔️


Colour Light Therapy can be used for the relief of physical symptoms and can also be used as a spiritual path, cleansing you of anything which prevents you from living in the light of your own highest potential.  Colour Light therapy (or ‘Colourpuncture’) works in a similar way to acupuncture, where high frequencies of coloured light is directed to points on the body using a light pen torch and coloured crystal glass rods instead of needles. Scientific research has shown that cells communicate through the frequency of light, and each colour has a particular healing effect on the body, mind, emotions and spirit – releasing disharmonious energy, relieving physical symptoms and facilitating spiritual growth. The frequency of each colour carries a particular healing message, which the cells absorb and transmit to each other. As the healing message is received, the causes of disharmony are released. The person begins remembering and resonating with their natural capacity for health and well-being.

Each of the series of Colour Light Therapy treatments are all hugely valuable steps in personal transformation. Colour Light Therapy is able to sneak behind all our ego defenses to release old emotional baggage and strengthen our physical bodies. It is amazing how the seemingly simple process of applying Colour Light to the body can release disharmonious energy with such beautiful results.

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