'Activate' new DNA encoding! Kinesiology will access your energetic environment to release stress around your DNA.

Operating from a high vibration level is needed to activate the 12 DNA strands, the 2 we know and the 10 that belong to the interdimensional level, the etheric bridge between the physical and spiritual. The potential encoded into our DNA is activated by raising consciousness. If you have a high vibration you have more DNA strands encoded, required to evolve.

If it's the environment that either inhibits or promotes the functioning of DNA, and it's the environment that has the capacity to reprogram or activate the 'non-functioning' DNA, then as you consciously engage with the intelligence of DNA coding, it activates greater light within. Your DNA is changing through your evolving consciousness. (Bruce Lipton)

Humans are light bodies, your body emits light and communicates with it on a cellular and DNA level. Light flow dictates energy health. This is by working with vibration within the body to activate your DNA and higher energy fields. 

Clear out your cells of old energies, programs, patterns, and help evolve your energy fields so that the frequency your DNA shifts to a higher vibration. Once you release energetic stress within your DNA, you free up more flow and 'activate' your DNA.

Reconnect with the universal intelligence of your blueprint!


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