You are in the process of changing your template which allows you to evolve to a higher consciousness to be complete in your totality.

Use kinesiology to 'activate' by releasing dense vibration to allow higher vibration to flow. During a session, you will receive energy clearing, symbols, colour frequencies, which will be for what will serve your highest good at that time.

DNA is the link to the Higher Self and consciousness. When you consciously engage with the living intelligence of DNA coding, it activates greater light within. You are getting ‘unlocked’ by awakening to new DNA encoding.

Humans are light bodies, your body emits light and communicates with it on a cellular and DNA level. Light flow dictates energy health. This is by working with vibration within the body to activate your higher energy fields. It's also through the physical body by food grown by light as sun, from water storing the energy of sunlight, and the body receives and emits energy and information directly from the sun.

Through this 'unlocking'process, new DNA encoding merges with higher levels of consciousness within your holographic energy fields. It is the quantum shift in the dimensional reality we are experiencing to manifest higher levels of consciousness. It triggers the change into ascension that will bring you into the fifth dimension.

The heart chakra is balanced. The energy fields of all the bodies are realigned through the heart chakra. Old patterns are released.

Intention is powerful in your awakening. Placing intention and conscious focus on raising your vibration accelerates your shift into higher consciousness.  By choosing to consciously connect to a higher frequency, and by living a high vibrational lifestyle, you are greatly supported in this transformational process.

As you raise vibration, the consciousness of the collective is expanded. You remember who you are, and your purpose here to manifest from a place of unlimited potential.

The expansion of our consciousness is through awakening - the activation of the strands of DNA, the clearing of the pineal gland, integrating more light through the body and energy fields.

Use kinesiology to release energetic stress held within your energy fields. Raise your vibration into a new blueprint by activating the DNA strands. Activate pathways to support you to manifest a higher level of vibration and evolve your consciousness. Expand your being into the unlimited field!

Raise your vibration into a new blueprint

Gain alignment through energy fields

Build cellular circuitry to hold more light

Open more channels for Higher Self

Manifest your potential

Know your purpose and awaken your expansion

Ascend your being into the unlimited field

“We know today that man, essentially, is a being of light”  
(Dr Fritz Albert Popp)

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