Kinesiology is used for energy clearing across many different aspects of life. It can work on specific areas for you, or be a more holistic approach to expand your spiritual growth & awaken your higher consciousness.

Remember ~ your intention is everything!

Remote Energy sessions

Everything is energy and we’re all connected to it and by it. Because energy and intention are not confined to physical space, remote sessions can be done across the globe and still have the same effects.

I muscle test on your behalf to access your energy and balance what needs to be released. Your energy and vibration is unique to you and no other, so wherever you are, the vibrational change achieved will become resonant with your frequency vibration and integrate into your energy fields.

I’ll be tapping into your energy and accessing the stress that’s ready to be released, plus checking in with your higher energies for any extra guidance on what you need. I invite higher aspects of you to input into your session - you never know what they will advise you on for your session and what is waiting to transpire!

Healing vibration

Everything is vibration; you operate within a vibrational field; the body you have is a vibrational processing system. Humans are essentially energy beings.

Low vibration - such as fear based thoughts, conditioned belief systems, negative emotions - is what keeps your vibration down as the subconscious still operates from its programming.

As you heal old vibration you release stagnant energy that’s been held as stress within your energy fields. This allows your vibration to evolve to higher levels of awareness, and raises your consciousness.You move from the old vibrational conditioning and experience life on a higher dimension.

Genetic stress

What you have picked up on an energetic level that is still being played out within you?

Genetic stress is passed on - through young ages of your upbringing, the subconscious picks up this stress and forms your beliefs without you even knowing it. The beliefs and fears that were programmed into the people that raised you and probably that raised them can be accessed from your energy fields as ‘genetic stress’.

An evolving world doesn’t operate from lower levels of vibration that came through generations not exposed to what is known now. Fear based programming from guilt, shame, obligations, limited beliefs, cultural conditioning and so on won’t allow you to evolve to a higher level of existence. If you’d like a clean slate for your own belief systems, shift the old paradigm stuff of what’s been passed down as ‘tradition’ from your vibration.

Releasing genetic stress from your chakras and auric fields heals you and all that you’ve picked up and embodied - releasing the identity that has been constructed for you, despite who you are and what you are here to do.

It doesn’t need to be yours, and your energy can release this old paradigm stuff from your vibration. That vibration is needed to be transmuted for the evolving of humanity into a new paradigm. Release what is stuck in your energy fields and transcend!

Spiritual growth

Releasing conditioning as a stress from your cellular memory and your energy fields heals your energy to move you to a higher vibrational level. It’s about awakening more to your Self and your intention to live on a higher plane of awareness.

The experience that most people have is one where it’s far removed from their true self - living through a constructed identity to ‘fit in’ to how we’re told life is supposed to be.

Choosing to detach from that conditioned existence whereby all sense of your ‘self’ is lost and releasing the old vibration from your energy fields allows you to awaken your self expansion for more spiritual growth.

Awakening purpose

Living with a higher level of vibration awakens your sense of self and self purpose, to who you really are. As you raise your consciousness, you awaken your potential as a creator - to experience what you are here to learn and do.

From this level you see there is no competition, that you are here as a unique human for a unique purpose, to awaken your remembering for all that you are and all you are here to do. Contributing your journey to the collective!

Activate DNA

Operating from a high vibration level is needed to activate the 12 DNA strands, the 2 we know and the 10 that belong to the multidimensional level, the etheric bridge between the physical and spiritual.

Your intention determines your vibration. Your vibration determines your consciousness.

The potential encoded into our DNA is activated by raising consciousness. If you have a high vibration you have more DNA strands encoded, required to awaken and evolve ascension. Your ascension is the goal of human evolvement!

Use kinesiology to 'activate' by releasing dense vibration to allow higher vibration to flow.

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