Kinesiology uses muscle testing biofeedback to access your subconscious, energetic, emotional & spiritual layers.  Trapped energetic stress creates blocks in your energy flow. Your vibration will indicate what is out of balance, it will offer a story of the what/why/where/how cause. As it's been held in your system, it is vibration from the past - an emotional event, a trauma, a habit pattern, a conditioned response that can be energetically released and balanced. Clear deep levels of stress throughout your energy fields. Vibration and energy are interchangeable terms - all is energy, all is vibration.

Our energy planes - auric fields, chakras and more are intelligent and all interconnected. If you accept you are energy as is the universe around you, as is everything that flows through you, know that the holographic energy grid you exist within connects to higher energies and allows you to work with vibrations on a higher level.

Balance and align your energy, raise your vibration, work with flowing energy fields to evolve to higher levels of awareness. 

Use Healing Kinesiology for:

access your energy fields to clear your vibration

connect chakras, auric fields and higher energy

ancestral stress, releasing of patterns, programming

release vibration that is obsolete

connect with higher guidance to assist with advice

integrate wisdom for higher levels of awareness

raise your consciousness

Healing Kinesiology

Work with me if you're ready to release outdated vibration! I’m about giving you a session with practical results, clarity around your issues, increased awareness, in an easy to understand and down to earth approach.

Clearing energetic stress from your energy fields, releasing past trauma, reframing subconscious patterning, reducing emotional triggers, balancing  genetic stress, accessing subconscious sabotages, identifying blocks to progress towards your spiritual awareness and more, creates space for expansion and connects you to a higher vibration.

Through healing and releasing low vibration from your chakras, auric fields and more, energy pathways are unblocked to receive higher vibration. Your energy fields need to be clear to allow a higher vibrational state to flow, creating a new dimension of awareness to evolve your spiritual growth.

How do I work?

I work with kinesiology to release subconscious programming, cultural conditioning, old paradigm beliefs, ancestral stress, DNA stress, and clear energetic blocks which keep you stuck in a state of low vibration.

I connect to your energy and access and balance the stress that’s ready to be released. You will gain awareness on the stress, and see what your energy has released in the way of old vibration. The sessions become a truly illuminating experience, when you receive clarity and gain insight into what is coming for you, it allows you to focus on what you need right now to move forward.

If you’ve known you are working towards evolving into higher awareness, you might be curious to see the timing and the connections as to what your energy has let go of!  No session is ever the same, and why would it be. You are unique and here for your own unique journey. My purpose is to help you heal and release vibration that doesn’t support your expansion to a higher consciousness. I am here to work with you to help align you to your true self.

Sessions are currently offered online.

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