Part of a starseed’s challenge is feeling that even though you are on earth, you are not ‘of' the earth!

You may have an awareness of your past life memories, origins, and purpose for being here. Your soul knows you're here for a specific mission even if you’re not consciously aware of it. 

The awakening process differs for starseeds. Some of you are confused about how your path will unfold. For some the awakening timing will be sudden, for some it unfolds over years. Either way, this awakening is pre-determined and designed to fit your mission of why you are here and what you’re here to do!

Starseeds will experience a personal journey designed to awaken their encoding within, which was pre-determined before incarnation. This coding is activated through a process of incremental adjustments of awakening, the process of moving to a higher vibration. 

You need to have conditions right for your coding to be activated - for you to be at a higher vibration to be awakened.  Light through your energy fields activates your spiritual DNA, transmitting the information needed for the soul, determining what you’re here to do. Your soul understands this coding, a soul that is composed of memory from many lifetimes. It knows what your mission is, and what’s needed for your evolving consciousness. 

For starseeds to remember your mission and to align with your gifts, higher energies - your sovereignty!

Access and heal energetic stress from a 3D consciousness programming

Align your energy fields

Raise your vibration

Connect to your guides

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