Kinesiology opens up the flow in energy, to evolve and awaken self growth, raising your vibration.

A Spiritual Kinesiology session looks at healing, clearing and connecting energies relevant to you. By clearing your energy fields, releasing limiting patterns, beliefs, programs, genetic stress, fears, sabotage programs, that have corrupted your potential, transcend the old paradigm! Awaken your sovereign being.

Healing Kinesiology accesses this energetic stress. Healing by releasing old vibration starts to evolve your energy higher.  As you transcend identity solely attached to these 'basic' levels of human experience, and desire to release the programming of cultural limitations and patterns of the 3D world, you ascend to a higher vibration.

Through your higher energy fields you can expand your awareness, as they govern such concepts as life plan, spiritual into life experience, the connection and flow of fields, consciousness, blueprints, transformation.

I am here to work with the clearing and releasing of low vibration, assisting vibrational alignment of your energy fields, helping you in evolving to a new world!

Use Spiritual Kinesiology for:

Clear energetic stress
Release subconscious programming
Connect with your higher self for guidance on spiritual expansion
Raise your vibration

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