Kinesiology opens up the flow in energy of your vibration, to evolve and awaken spiritual growth, raising your level of consciousness.  This is spiritual kinesiology! 

Why raise your consciousness?  You awaken a wider perception of life, and as you do, this cannot fail to expand and change your experience of it. You become aware of something more outside yourself. You see a greater sense of connection to what's outside your limited reality. You expand your awareness to be part of a collective consciousness.

In order to clear your energy fields to flow at the highest vibration, you may find deep levels of stress come up through the physical, mental and emotional levels - entrenched trauma, emotional pain, fear and sabotage programs, subconscious conditioning, belief patterns, ancestral memory, ancestral DNA and genetic stress and more. This healing is essential for you to fully embody a life where you step into your true sense of self and know why you are here and what you are here to do!

Healing Kinesiology accesses this energetic stress. Healing by releasing old vibration from lower fields starts to evolve your energy higher.  As you transcend identity solely attached to these 'lower' levels of human experience, and desire to release the programming of cultural limitations and patterns of the 3D world, you ascend to higher dimensions of awakening - your energy naturally aligned to attracting a higher vibration.

Through your higher energy fields you can expand your awareness and evolution, as they govern such concepts as life experiences, symbols, the connection and flow of fields, guidance, destiny, collective consciousness, manifesting, soul's purpose, DNA records, blueprints, spiritual and physical integration, transformation.

I am here to work with the clearing and releasing of dense vibration; helping you in the vibrational alignment of your energy fields to evolve and raise your consciousness. 

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