"I have been experiencing kinesiology with Julie for just over a year now. Each session, Julie has provided insight, clarity and incredible support as I move through my “stuff”. Kinesiology has really supported my healing in ways conventional therapies have not been able to reach, I would highly recommend anyone on their healing journey try kinesiology with Julie as it’s an incredibly unique experience that is bound to highlight areas for improvements in your life. Julie is encouraging, real, raw and supportive with a natural ability to just “get” stuff. So grateful to have had her support on this journey."

"To have that stress cleared and know it doesn't remain in my energy anymore, doesn't effect my decisions, isn't a trigger, is the most freeing thing about my session! I feel empowered to trust myself, more connected, having a greater sense of calm and clarity. Thank you so much!"

"You've helped me clear my negative programming, triggers, and shown me what's real and what's not even me or mine! You've helped me understand more of my self and it's brought so much more clarity. I feel empowered within!"

"I'm waking up feeling lighter. I feel lighter! I actually can't believe it is that easy to clear all that after so many years. I'm so much more motivated now. Thanks so much"

"It was just so spot on, I can see the blocks of my life directly from what I've been carrying ... and now I know, what a weight that's been lifted!"

"It was really good ... very freeing, my whole body just even feels better. Thank you ... really appreciate you and your help"

"I have been having kinesiology sessions with Julie now for some years and have found it to be an amazing experience each and every time.   Kinesiology has helped me on a spiritual level to understand various events and lessons I have experienced.  It really allows you to understand why things are occurring within your life but it assists to clear blockages that are barriers to our true path and happiness. Each session I have had has been different and has helped in different ways. Julie is extremely gifted and provides amazing insight, guidance and support ensuring you get the healing you require.  I highly recommend having a session with Julie, it will really amaze you in how life changing her work really is with changes happening immediately after the session.  I am so grateful for the amazing changes I have experienced already and look forward to continue working with her to allow myself to have every opportunity to evolve to a greater sense of self and spiritual growth."

"Your report is spot on ... now feeling the balancing coming into play and have a few more hours for things to settle into their new dynamics ... VERY GOOD!!!"

"Firstly can I say WOW!!! I woke up this morning with a very clear head ... so last night being able to sleep soundly was fantastic! .... Hope you don't mind that I reply with your findings, I just feel I need to so as I can dissect it for me to sink into myself!"

"I didnt know what it was, and I went in a bit sceptical, ... I felt really comfortable doing it ... felt secure, the way you led it was really 'flowy' ... after I felt more what I was doing here was the right thing to be doing, and I can block out everyone else and their opinions, and accept this is what I am supposed to do, or want to do, and my role in it. I chose to accept this as my role... I felt really good."


"Thank you for helping me when I had doubts in my ability to help others through my practice. Big positive changes after your remote session!"

"I want to say a big thank you for our session. I've noticed massive changes in my life already from it!"

"I found the session to be helpful ... you are good at clearing and empowering"

"I was a bit flat and over emotional yesterday but figured it was part of the process. It passed though and today I feel really good! Feelings of only joy and reassurance around the (...) and all fears seem to have lifted. Looking forward to noticing the continued benefits of the clearing as the days pass. Very positive and optimistic! Have already decided on the focus for the next session. Thanks so much”


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