This session will expand your spiritual awareness, connecting you to your real self, activating your soul purpose!

Your soul knows you're here for a specific mission even if you’re not consciously aware of it! 

It doesn't matter where you are on your path. Any of the following that is relevant for your current timeline can be accessed.  This can include:  Past life healing, Chakra Clearing, Auric Fields clearing, DNA activation, Clearing energy blocks & patterns,  Akashic records.

Remember your mission and align with your soul purpose!

Access energetic blocks

Align your energy fields

Awaken your innate coding

Connect to your higher self, guides

Activate your purpose

Your journey may be through events that push the 3D life to the surface from within you, what doesn’t align. It may be through a process of self healing and inner spiritual work.

It's the process of expanding light within your energy fields. Light is needed to activate and download information.  Light is the language of your soul.  The more you integrate light into your energy fields, it creates the space to receive more light, and in doing so awakens more of your coding. 

Light activates your spiritual DNA, transmitting the information needed for the soul, determining what you’re here to do. Your soul understands this coding, a soul that is composed of memory from many lifetimes. It knows what your mission is, and what’s needed for your evolving consciousness. Light amplifies our connection to a higher consciousness!

The more you awaken your soul expression in your life, the more you align with your purpose!

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