Your 'nutrition' in terms of what you consume, whether it's physical/mental/emotional, is your 'diet'. Ensure the right 'nourishment' on all levels is serving you. Call it spiritual nutrition!

If you want to increase vibration you need to holistically nourish and feed the soul as well as the body. It's not only what the body takes in, it's what your mind is taking in and processing, what energy you surround yourself with, and what you generate from within.

As a previous hypnotherapist specialising in weight issues, I know how crucial it is to nourish life with a healthy approach, and just how tied we are to focus on our sense of self through the body. Food and eating is a deeply entrenched aspect of life that all humans have. It starts from deep subconscious programming, it links to survival, safety and upbringing, how you are grounded, and belong on the earth.

Every human on the planet has their own relationship with food. Outdated programming, limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns etc hold the body in a lower vibration. Releasing this is healing and freeing to allow yourself to be nourished physically and spiritually. You are much more than the body you live in, though it's your responsibility to live through it! If you want to live in a high vibration body, you need to make choices about the energy you choose for your body, mind and environment. All aspects effect the other. 

When you are ready to reject the focus solely on you as the physical, you know you are ready to awaken more of your spiritual growth. As your body operates on a higher vibration level and as light increases within your energy fields you become naturally attracted to 'nutrition' in a more purer sense than ever before.

Use spiritual nutrition for:

reprogramming your relationship with food

clear subconscious stress

evolve the physical as your sole identity

expand your 'nourishment'

Reprogramming this relationship is important. The higher vibration you are, the less reliance you have on 'empty' eating to fill a physical void. You may have been led to change your diet and lifestyle and it often starts with a new way of nourishment. Dense energy foods, processed and overcooked foods, food with no life force, is not giving your physical body any energy with which to heal. Vibrations within your body also include thoughts, habits, affirmations, self talk, and subconscious beliefs that add to your multifaceted human life.

Sometimes in a session your energy will indicate nutritional support. As a certified Food Coach I refer to my manuals for your energy to indicate what it is looking for. I use basic questions for determining as much information as I can, though if you are interested in a more in-depth consultation I advise seeing the specialist of your choice.

"If you are wanting to transcend the attachment solely on the physical, you must take responsibility for the vibrational energy you engage with"

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