Your energy fields - chakras, light bodies, auric fields, planes/subtle energy bodies - is your holographic energy grid. They actively exchange information between layers, acting to create gateways to access higher dimensions of spiritual access.  

This holographic energy grid is the vehicle for integrating your physical and spiritual experience to express into your life. 

Assimilating more light energy through the body triggers a change into an etheric-crystalline body. Your DNA is coded with your cosmic database. As DNA interacts with more light and light energy, it unlocks the information connected to your spiritual blueprint. 

The purpose is to help clear and align:

Clear energetic stress throughout your energy fields
Align light energy through your energy field circuitry
Activate DNA to transform into a light pathway for higher frequency flow
Activate the encoding of your blueprint

Clear low vibration of energetic stress so the frequency of your energy fields shifts to a higher level.

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